9 Benefits of Having a Website

The importance of a website

How many hours do people spend browsing social networks and the Internet?

When you analyze it then you realize why it is necessary for your brand or even you as a person to keep up to date with technology and learn how it works, plus the benefits that we can obtain from it.
At this time, the Internet is one of the most widely used tools worldwide. People have made it part of their lives looking for information and content of all kinds. If they want to find out where to eat, if they want to buy clothes, if they want to be entertained, etc,.

Did you know? Much of that information is discarded by the reader in a matter of seconds if it does not meet their needs, expectations and comforts.
Bearing that in mind, having a well-structured web page, that it has a good professional design, ensures you capture the most attention of your visitors. The first thing you should do is learn to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet. Web pages are one of them.

9 benefits of having a website for your brand

  1. Improve your brand image

An important aspect of a website is that it can capture more about your brand. From content design, through a brief history of what you do to the services you offer.

It is very important that you give priority to the design of your page, and that you hire trained personnel or a design company for this task.

  1. It gives confidence, security and credibility to the brand

By having a web page, visitors will be able to know your background, contact or business information, galleries, customer reviews, thus generating more confidence.

Now most major stores have a web page where they can display their products or services in a way that not only gets closer to customers, but also provides an image of professionalism.

Nowadays, most people search the Internet to find out if a business really exists, and what better way to calm and reassure people than with a friendly and well designed website.

  1. Increase the scope of your business

A web page is designed to be viewed anywhere in the world where there is Internet. International barriers and limits are reduced. Anyone with Internet access will be able to see what you offer.

Also, thanks to Google search engines and other marketing tools, more potential customers can find you. Just by putting a keyword on the Internet related to a service or product that you offer, they can reach your business. Because of this, it is important to have good wording and addressing customers through the system established on your website.

Don't forget that precisely because you will have a lot of reach, you must take care of your brand image with a good web design.

  1. Increase sales

Just by making your brand visible on the Internet through a website you can make your sales increase considerably. Having a website is like having your business open 24/7.
  • You give your customers another way to make your catalog of products or services visible at any time, letting them take all the time they need.
  • A website increases trust in users and allows closing more sales because they reflect a certain credibility.
  • Helps expand sales to places you may never have gone before, expanding your business and becoming more well-known your brand internationally.

  1. Open 24/7

A website is a digital store or establishment for your brand, open 365 days a year, at all times. You do not have to pay workers or rent, just have a well-designed website. In this way, you are not limited to not being able to reach a client with tight schedules, since he can visit the web at the time he can.

On a website, the user can take as long as he wants and observe at his own pace. Or you can simply learn more about the brand and be totally sure of establishing a bond of commercial trust.

  1. Little investment for your digital store

Compared to the costs of having a physical establishment, creating a website is very simple and inexpensive. You can get a web domain on servers like WordPress or Jimdo. In addition, there are different platforms on which you can create your store. For example, Shopify offers you some templates and themes that you can adjust according to the requirements of your brand.

The best thing is that on a website you do not need to pay rent or permanent workers. You just have to take care of getting a good web designer and the business will take care of itself.

  1. Improve customer service

Again, having a website open 24/7 greatly improves the service you can give your customer.

Through your website you can offer them information and resources even before a problem appears, for example an order tracking section, an FAQ section, chat in line, a comment box where they can leave their suggestions, among others.

  1. Cheaper advertising and marketing

On the Internet, advertising works differently from ads on radio, television, print media and social networks. Take advantage of the resources that exist on the Internet and use them in your favor. One of the means to promote yourself is Google Adwords, which allows you to place ads on Google and position yourself in the first search places so that the public can find you faster.

  1. Search engine optimization

Many users trust what they find on the first page of Google. Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools will help you create good optimized content, further increasing the reach of your brand.


Now that you know some of the benefits of creating a web page, what are you waiting for? It's time to adapt to this globalized era and start succeeding.

For your brand to be successful, you not only need a presence on social networks, but it is essential that you have an optimized website that reflects the life business image.

For this reason, your brand should be kept up to date with the latest trends< /span> in technology, and applying good marketing strategieseo digital.

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